29 Jul

Girlforce@Dreamforce 2016 is coming soon!!

It’s 2 months and counting until our Fourth Annual Girlforce@Dreamforce event!

In 2013, we had a couple dozen members of Girlforce. Dreamforce came just a few weeks after we launched Girlforce in the Power of US Hub, and that morning, a handful of women bought their own coffee and gathered in a crowded hotel Starbucks to connect with each other and share our stories. It was a beautiful, intimate, and authentic beginning, and it set the stage for our culture.

Fast forward 3 years, and now we are excited to share some of the details of our fourth annual Girlforce@Dreamforce event — at Dreamforce 2016, thanks to the generous support of our partners, who are passionate about empowering nonprofit women in tech. You can look forward to hearing from your Girlforce Leadership Team about where we’ve been and where we’re going, a reminder of the accomplishments we’ve had over the past three years, time to connect with one another and put faces with names, and of course, our signature Mimosas!

The event date and time is TBA, but we’ll let you know when registration is open! There will be some special gifts and door prizes, in addition to the awesome networking and community building that makes Girlforce so amazing, so this is a must-attend event. If you’re only doing one thing at Dreamforce…make it Marc Benioff’s keynote. But if you have time for TWO things, see us at Girlforce@Dreamforce 2016!!

We will also be recognizing the Girlforce Superstar for 2016! If you know someone who should be recognized for their contributions to the Girlforce Community and women in tech, nominate them here!

We are so grateful to our partners who put their money where their mouth is in their support of women in tech. We’re totally blown away by your generosity!

This event wouldn’t be possible without partnerships from some awesome folks, including:

The next time you see anyone from our sponsors, please be sure to thank them! And be sure to follow us on twitter and check in on the Girlforce community for registration to open for our event at Dreamforce this year! We’re looking forward to seeing you!!!


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