06 May

Girlforce Leadership Team changes!


We have been fortunate enough to have amazing women step forward to lead Girlforce since the Girlforce Leadership Team was established in 2015.

In the past few months, several of our original GLT members have needed to refocus their priorities and step back from their responsibilities on the Girlforce Leadership Team. While they will still be actively involved in Girlforce, they need to take a break from the leadership capacity.

Big thanks to those members who are stepping back:
Heidi NorgaardHEIDI NORGAARD, Sightlife – Heidi joined us in the very beginning of the Girlforce Leadership Team! Her positive attitude and willingness to help wherever needed was a great contribution and she helped manage administrative tasks and made sure that all of our meetings ran smoothly. Thank you, Heidi, for your dedication and support, and for being an awesome contributor to Girlforce!

Angela AdamsANGELA ADAMS, Now IT Matters – When Joni hatched the idea to start Girlforce, Angela was her co-conspirator and helped lead Girlforce from behind the scenes until she joined the official Girlforce Leadership Team in 2015. Angela has just graduated from seminary and with parenting responsibilities, increasing work responsibilities, and did I mention that she runs the Nourish Collective, Girlforce’s fiscal sponsor? Her busy life has encouraged her to take a step back, but look for her in the hub, as she will continue to be involved in Girlforce! Thank you, Angela, for being a strong supporter and among the earliest leadership in Girlforce!

Missy LongshoreMISSY LONGSHORE, Longshore Consulting – Missy was one of the founding members of the Girlforce group in the hub, and has since worked tirelessly to promote and support Girlforce in all of her social platforms and efforts in the community. Her thoughtful care and insight has influenced our mission, vision, and the way we relate to our members and we are so grateful for her support, encouragement, and wisdom. Thank you, Missy, for being an amazing advocate and outspoken evangelist of Girlforce!

With these three ladies stepping back from leadership, there were some big shoes to fill, so we put the call out to our awesome Girlforce group to induct some new members to our team. Your reponse was overwhelming! It was amazing to see all the interest in helping to lead Girlforce, and three new members have been selected to join the Girlforce Leadership Team, so a big hearty welcome goes out to:

Amy Pannu

Amy Pannu, Salesforce.org

Michelle Regal

Michelle Chaplin-Regal, Public Broadcasting Service

Tracy Kronzak

Tracy Kronzak, BrightStep Partners

Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in contributing to the Girlforce Leadership Team! As we continue to grow, we continue to need volunteers to help with all of our programs, so your support and help is greatly appreciated!!!

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