27 Aug

Swag and Prizes and Certs, OH MY!

Dreamforce is nearly here and lots of things are  in the works! We have dozens of Girlforce ladies speaking at Dreamforce!! Way to represent! Obviously, one of our top highlights will be the Girlforce@Dreamforce Event on Wednesday morning. If you are attending, here’s what you can expect:

  • CONNECTION: Because authentic connection is one of our cornerstone values, we build time into our events specifically for face time! Our virtual community is strong, but there’s something special about putting faces and voices with names of people you’ve been sharing your brags and challenges with for the past years.
  • UPDATES: We’ll have short updates from all of our teams in Girlforce. We’ll talk a bit about what we’ve done so far, and a bit about where we’re headed, and we’ll share our dreams about what the future could hold for Girlforce.
  • INSPIRATION: Besides being inspired by hugs and new friends, I’m hopeful you’ll be inspired by the stories you hear – human stories, OUR stories, of triumph and gains but also of learning points and opportunities to grow. I’ll be sharing a bit of my story with you, too, and I am really looking forward to hearing yours.
  • OPPORTUNITY: As we move forward into our next season as a growing organization, we are thrilled to have more opportunities available to our members to get involved in our work! Our mission is to empower nonprofit women to be fearless leaders and there will be lots of opportunities for Girlforce members to be an active part of that mission! If you’re interested in finding out how you can be more involved, ALL of our Leadership Team will be available to talk about the volunteer opportunities this coming year.
  • PRIZES & SWAG: Our awesome sponsors have made this year’s event a great time to revamp your wardrobe. Our incredible DF Event Committee for Girlforce have designed some good-looking t-shirts so you can show your Girlforce pride on Women in Tech day at Dreamforce!! We think you’re going to love them, and all of the attendees to our Girlforce@Dreamforce event will receive a free t-shirt! BUT THERE’S MORE!! Exponent Partners has donated some fun Girlforce-branded swag (you’ll be surprised and thrilled), and our sponsors will have a swag table at our event to pick up even more cool stuff, and of course, lots of pinwheels to be had!
  • EVEN MORE AMAZING PRIZES: I saved the best for last!! Thanks to the generosity of our Green sponsors, Bigger Boat Consulting, BrightStep Partners, and Roundcorner, we will be breaking new ground and setting a record at Dreamforce. We will be having a drawing to give away TWENTY SALESFORCE CERTIFICATION EXAMS at our event!!! We have valued certifications for nonprofit women since day 1 of Girlforce, and we’re so excited to enable 20 of you to take the certification exam of your choice for free. (You must be present to win, any exam up to $200 will be included.)

We are so grateful to our sponsors, particularly Apttus for providing our incredible venue, as well as the food and mimosas for our event. We’re totally blown away by your generosity!

This event wouldn’t be possible without partnerships from some awesome folks, including:

The next time you see anyone from our sponsors, please be sure to thank them! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!!